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Society for Creative Anachronism
The main web site for the entire SCA including links to all of the Kingdoms of the Knowne World, membership information and many more pages of helpful information.

Kingdom of Artemisia
The main web site of the Kingdom of Artemisia

Kingdom of Artemisia Youth Web Site
The web site designed specifically for the Youth program of the Kingdom of Artemisia. Links can be found to the Kingdom officers, event schedule and other youth resources.

Baronies & Shires of the Kingdom
A complete list of the local groups of the Kingdom, their contact information and web site addresses.

Estrella War!
The official web site for Estrella War which is held in Arizona between Tucson and Phoenix every February.

Kingdom Map
A map of the entire Kingdom and where each local branch is located.

Travel Distances
Mileage measurements between all of the local groups within the Kingdom of Artemisia

Event Calendar
A complete list of events and dates for all activity within the Kingdom.

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