Period Links of Interest
A fantastic reference source for many different aspects of period life including culture, occupational costume (who wore what when), documentation writing, embroidery, garments and accessories and many other interesting subjects. This site was created by Karen Larsdatter who has been in the SCA since 1992 and has quite an impressive SCA Resume. You can click on the link in the bottom right corner of her site to see what she has done.
An Inquisitive Monkey at West Kingdom Court:
Things to do at your first event.  This is a great site for both the newbie & seasoned SCA members. It looks at all of the things that may be encountered at any event and how to handle them correctly.
SCA Demo
A good general overview of what the SCA is all about, this site gives a brief overview of combat, calligraphy, archery brewing, heraldry, equestrian, costuming, dancing, cooking, music, youth, service and events.
The Physics of Medieval Archery
It is generally believed that the main factor responsible for the English victory at the battle Agincourt in 1415 was the longbow. Gareth Rees describes from a physicist's point of view why we believe this simple weapon was so devastatingly effective.
The Spiral Spoon
Awsome hand-made wood spoons of all sizes & shapes. There are even some that are inlaid with a turqoise celtic knot.
The Art of Chainmail
Information on the making of chainmail. This site includes patterns from Europe, Japan, Persia and other miscellaneous places. It also includes step by step instructions.
The Living History Library
At this site site you will find tutorials, essays, forums techniques, galleries and even a book store.
The Modern Middle Ages
A good discussion site for all things Middle Ages
Cockerell Woodworks
Period reproductions and custom designs in wood
Stefan's Florilegium
What can I say except - everything about everything!
The Orb
An online reference book for medieval study
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